Biking in Florida!

Along New River










If you want to do something outmost adventurous and dangerous while you are in this part of the world, why not try biking?

Pedestrians don’t know which direction to move when you meet them, mostly they run back and forth, crying: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry. Have a nice day!” If you catch them up from behind and gently uses your bike bell they either jump into a bush, scared to death or as today, they do nothing until I politely ask them to please move aside. The answer was: “Oh, we thought it was the door bell!” Door bell? In the middle of a biking lane along State Road 84…
Cars and trucks treat you as you are something close to a bug that you want to get rid of. High speed as close as possible, so the bug understands that this road is our’s! Once, the rear mirror of a huge MACK truck almost hit my head. I am lucky not having ears like Alfred E. Neuman, because then i probably would have had only one ear today.

Along State Road 84

This beautiful Sunday morning I took of along Marina Mile (a beautiful name of a road that ends up in a combination of SR 84 and Interstate 595).

The authorities has actually created a wide biking and walking lane, westbound. Safe too, a high and sturdy concret fence protects me from the traffic and an even higher fence periodically protects me from the beautiful view over New River, which I was biking along.
Even if they have created an environment safe from being hit by a car they did not think of the people sitting inside the cars.

Glass… All over the place!

The ride was much like slalom when I was trying to avoid all the broken glass from beer bottles having been thrown out from passing cars. Not all the time but always when your ride was along the SR84. How do people think??? Probably as short minded as the people that was responsible for this biking lane, 12 feet wide! Because, suddenly, after about 5 miles it just ended! (?)
And now?

I asked a municipal employee standing nearby and he told me to continue on the highway. Sorry pal, but i’m too coward, I said and turned around.

Soon we will be living near Miami Beach, there it hopefully will be much better, especially for biking. Along A1A it shall be great I have heard.


Captain B, still @ seaQwest



Of course, there are probably lots of perfect areas in US for biking, this is only my little experience so far…


Dela gärna med dig.